Bain is a really big goof ball who is a follower.  He will follow you and whatever you tell him or he will follow the actions of another dog.  Bain's father is a pure-bred French Bulldog (hence the droop jaws) and his mother is a smaller blond Labrador Retriever.  It looks like he is black but he is really 2-tones, he is dark brown with black running down his spine,

Bain was born in a home as an accident litter and he has always been in a home.  Bain is not an outside dog and will bark loudly to be let in if he is left outdoor for long lengths of time.  He likes to go outside to play but not to live his life.

Bain has 1 brown eye and 1 blue eye.  He still squats and pees like a girl, no leg lifting :)  And he sleeps on his tummy with his legs behind him like a puppy.  

He is GREAT with small kids, he lets them ride him, pull his tail and just man-handle him like a 2-3 years old kid will do and he has no reaction.  He has been in a kid friendly home since birth. 

He is an expert at potty training and the crate.  He does not put up a fuss or refuse to dog anything.  If you are sitting on the floor, he thinks that is his cue to curl up and sit on your lap; he does not realize how big he is,  I feed him twice daily, the second time no later than 6:00 p.m. just so his last potty movement is before my bedtime!!!!  He loves to eat, especially snacks but he does not clean his bowl with both feedings,

Bain gets along with all dogs, he loves to take the toys and play chase.  But Bain is submissive and will easily give up the toy only to start the chase again.  He has a sweet and kind heart.  I have a 4 pound Maltese that jumps on him all the time and Bain just looks at him without ever responding.Type your paragraph here.