Little Boy BLEU

BLEU is a 2 1/2 year old male black Labrador Retriever.  Of course he got his name because he has 1 blue eye!

He was running the streets of San Antonio, TX as a young puppy in search of shelter and food.  Hiding behind bushes, he would watch you until you left some food for him.

Then he decided he would take up residency at a Catholic church and follow the Nuns around :)

BLEU is a normally a very happy boy with a bounce in his walk, tail wagging, always happy to see you.

BLEU is not able to be adopted just yet as he has some serious medical problems that are treatable.  He has to be completely healthy before going to his new home.

BLEU has been diagnosed with the Leptospirosis (Lepto) bacteria virus, anemic, dehydration, jaundice and heartworm positive.

Tuesday, 02/23/2016

Right now he is at Callaghan Road Animal Hospital and expected to stay the week so he can receive full treatment of antibiotics and other medications.  The amazing vets at the clinic feel as if he can completely overcome this laundry list of ailments and have a good quality of life.  The vets would NOT try to treat him if they did not feel his diagnosis was very good.

BLEU is very sick right though.  After he has healed from the Lepto bacteria infection, anemia and jaundice and he gains his strength back, he will then be treated for Heartworms.

Please consider making a donation towards his medical care and hospital stay.  We appreciate any contribution, no amount is too small.  Thank you.