Even though Bradley is completely healed and has no health issues, we are still paying for his vet care.  Please consider making a donation by clicking the DONATE HEART button.  Thank you.

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This is a very special guy who I felt compelled to save.  I normally walk the kennels of a high kill shelter in San Antonio Texas and forward the pictures to the rescue groups of dogs that really need to be saved.  Well I joked that this guy was so tired of being on the streets that he wouldn't wake up to talk to me.  The next day I notice he had street rash on him from obviously being hit by a car and he was limping.  So I felt since I was making fun of him I would save his life.

I took him immediately to our vet only to learn that his leg has been crushed beyond repair and needed to be amputated.  So Bradley is a tripod guy who has a special place in my heart.  He is a special guy, the vet informed me that he wasn't ignoring me, he was completely deaf.

The day I picked him up from our vet's office he immediately made friends with his foster brothers and sisters, even stealing their toys in the first 2 minutes and trying to hop away on 3 legs!

He took a special interest in Scooter who also had a leg injury but was 2 months old and very small.  Bradley acted as if he were Scooter's mother or father, he cleaned him every day, would push him to the food bowl to eat first, play with him and when it would get cold outside and they were out there playing, Bradley would wrap his body around Scooter and make Scooter stay there and keep warm.  He loves Scooter and Scooter serves as Bradley's' hearing dog.

Bradley is a 2 year's old long haired Border Collie but he doesn't seem to shed, I've been watching closely.  He is extremely friendly, loves playing with toys, playing fetch, tug of war and wrestling like a champ!  He has no disability with only 3 legs. 

He climbs the stairs well.  He would love to go on longer walks but that is the only thing, he tires easily of hopping.  His deafness is also not a disability, he seems to be able to sense the presence of people, animals or anything in or yard or the neighbors yard that is not suppose to be there.

Oh my, he loves his belly and head rubs.  He just loves to be loves and always has a smile on his face.  He is crate and potty trained and will lay by you very comfortable and content.  He has no special needs or medications that he needs to be on.  His medical records and x-rays will come with him at the time of adoption.  Bradley weighs 53 pounds, he looks bigger than he actually is and his coat is very soft and smooth.  And he likes baths.

It would be wonderful if Bradley and Scooter were adopted together.  Scooter is also posted on several adoption websites as well as our own website; www.roxysk9rescue.org