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Brandy is a 6 year old brown brindle Labrador retriever.  She serves as the welcoming committee in the pack along with Light.  Always happy and eager to greet new friends.  It is not known how she gets along with cats as she has never been around any.  Brandy is always happy and very gentle, she takes treats from your hands so nice.  Brandy could stand to lose a few pounds and I'm sure in her new home with regular walks she probably will lose about 7-10 pounds.  Right now she weighs 60 lbs.  Actually she would love to go walking because she is nosey and likes to meet people!!

And just like all of the dogs, Brandy gets along very well with other dogs, she is well mannered, completely house and crate trained and shows no aggressive in any area,

Brandy was found at the park as a puppy as skittish, she had been dumped by previous owners and she was very afraid.  But because she was hungry she eventually came around so she could eat.  While with the group of dogs, if all the dogs are going out to the backyard, Brandy sometimes stays inside because she desires some one on one human attention.  After she gets her love then she will go join the pack to play.

I cannot say enough about her great attitude and demeanor,  Brandy would make a great family pet for anyone.