The mother of these 8 puppies (4 weeks old) really needs your help.  She belonged to the homeless man and when I found out about her, she was 2 days away from giving birth.  

Brownie (momma) is just 25 lbs and she gave birth to 9 large babies.  As a result Brownie has developed METRITIS & ECLAMPSIA.  She has been seen by the vet on May 12, 2016.

Metriitis is an infection in uterus, the infection is in beginning stages of being septic and she needs to be hospitalized.  

Eclampsia is a depletion of calcium and lack of milk to feed her babies.

Brownie has developed gait, not standing on her own for too long, lethargic and has a fetid vaginal discharge.  Her puppies are no longer nursing but slurping down "gruel" which consist of mashed canned puppy food, milk replacement, lots of water & an iron supplement.  

Please help me save her life so that she can go on to have a life.

Her former owner (Mr. Moses) has surrendered her as he lives in a field in a shed with no water or electricity.  He still has the black dog living with him in his shed.  The other dog gave birth 2 days after Brownie to 8 puppies, 5 are remaining.  Mr. Moses does not want to relinquish that family because he thinks they are cute and he enjoys the company.  I may have to buy the puppies from him for $10 each just so I can get them to safety.  I will be visiting him tomorrow in another attempt to convince him to give me the puppies and let me have the mother examined and spayed.  

That is Mr. Moses in the picture below.

Please consider making a donation so that Brownie can get the lifesaving operation and treatment she needs right away.  The estimated cost is $2,200.  

You can donate here by clicking the red donate button below or call directly to Callaghan Road Animal Hospital to Roxy's K9 Rescue for "Brownie", (210) 647-1101.  
Thank you.