Clcik on puppy for an application


Bruno is Miss Gloria's favorite, he sleeps with her and as you can see, he thinks he is a lapdog!  But Miss Gloria loves him and welcomes him to sit on her lap. Good thing he is only 37 lbs'!!!!   He is very conscience of her catheter and IV drip.

He is a bit shy and hides but he will come when you call him. I think he is shy of the camera because when I put it down he then feels free to come over and give me kisses.  He is very quiet.  Bruno has a slight limp where he was hit by a car, it is barely noticeable but we would love to be able to take him to the vet to have it looked at before he is adopted into his new home.

Would you please consider adopting Bruno into your home as your new family member?  I cannot say enough good things about this dog he is fun, low maintenance, walks well on a leash, comes when called, quiet, gets along with everyone and he is even good looking!!!  

I will be updating on all of the dogs.  Thank you.

Miss Gloria passed away to Heaven on Friday, May 12, 2017 and Bruno stay beside her until she left her home.  He didn't eat for days after that but he has since perked up.  

He likes to play the 'chase me' game with me when I go over there and he is still just as loving as always.  Bruno is a true companion dog, he would rather be with his beloved human more than anything.  Yes he does play with the other dogs and enjoys himself. As a matter of fact, he jumps the 4 foot fence to play with the neighbors dog and then comes back to the front door to be let back in!!!

‚ÄčNO, he does not get along with cats, sorry.