Pretty China is a 3 year old Border Collie Blend.  As a puppy her coat was very soft and it still is.  S'he does not shed and her coat is medium length.  

I rescued China and her 2 brothers when they were babies.  She was adopted at 3 1/2 months old by a family who dumped her.  Thank goodness for microchips, I was notified by the San Antonio Animal Control that she was in their facility and about to be euthanized in about 4 hours.

Of course I rescued her again.  The family said they just did not want a dog any longer, sad.  As a puppy China was quiet and followed behind you just to be near you, she is still that way.  She barks when she needs to go potty or she will just go to the back door.  If she is in her crate she will bark to be let out.

China loves playing with toys ,she will bring the ball back to you, she gets along great with kids.  Other dogs are okay with her, she will play for a little while but she loves her humans and would rather hang out laying around watching you.

China is a shy timid type of girl with other dogs, with people she is happy and wants to play.  She is not demanding or hyper.  She loves to go for walks and ride in the car.  She jumps right in.

Would you please give China a new forever home, make her a part of your family forever.  She is a great companion for a single person as well as a great family member with kids.  She weighs 43 pounds and at 3 years old has reached her adult weight & height.

Her adoption fee is $150

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