Another story that is just unbelievable.  Gunner's mother is a purebred German shepherd - YES, you read that right!  But most of her little came out either poodle or Shih Tzu but curly puppies.  Gunner is not as curly.  He does need to be groomed but only about every 2 1/2 months instead of monthly.  His hair grows slowly.

Gunner is 2 years old and originally adopted by a military family who could not take him with them at the time of their transfer to California.  Once I got him just to babysit, he was in such bad shape - well they did want to get him later but once I got him and saw that they had not maintained his health or coat or anything else about him, I informed them that Gunner would not be joining their family again. 

He was 8 months old and had heartworms and we gave all the information about monthly preventative when he was adopted at 3 months old.  He has been successfully been treated at our local vet and is heartworm negative/free now.

We really take pride in the dogs we rescue and raise in our homes.  This entire litter was raised in my home and was special to me.  The mother is a total sweetheart.

Gunner is a sweetie too, he LOVES belly rubs, comes when called.  He really enjoys having a playmate.  He is not hyper or overly active but he would enjoy walks or riding in the car or just handing out with you.  Oh, he also loves to play with his toys a lot.  He is house trained and lives inside but he enjoys a sunny day even the cold ones so he can play outside tug of war or chasing each other, the other foster dogs.

Gunner has an under bite that is cute but you only get to see it when you give him treats.  He weighs 30 pounds and has reached his full adult weight and height.  This is a good, low maintenance, loveable dog, really he just wants some loving attention and he will be your loving companion forever.  Gunner will just blend in and follow the flow of things without any complaints or resistance.

His first home had 2 elementary age kids so he does get along well with kids.  I have a 4 year old granddaughter and he is very gentle with her.Type your paragraph here.

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