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JuJu is a complete mess!!!!!  He is a character for sure, very smart guy.  JuJu is 3 years old and weighs 6 pounds. 

JuJu is a late sleeper and really does NOT like to be disturbed before he is ready to get up, seriously.  That is the only time he is grumpy and let you know it.  Other than that he chases balls, runs fast to show off, especially if you are egging him on by calling him name & clapping your hands.  I get the biggest kick out of that.

He loves his raw hides, curls up in his blanket in his crate and thinks he is a big boy. He wrestles with his foster brothers and sisters that weigh 40+ pounds and takes off running and they cannot catch him!!!!  Too funny.

I am trying to video him but he thinks I am playing chase with him so he keeps running ---- FAST!!!!!

In the picture is his closest playing buddy, Jenny, she is a chihuahua mix who is another character of different sorts but just as funny.  They play until they get tired and then take naps either together or in their own crates.   Jenny had the toy first but JuJu stole it and the game was on!!!!!

Just as much as he likes his crate, he enjoys being in the back yard running and playing with the other fosters.  
I kept him for a while hoping his family was looking for him but it has been months and I have not seen any lost posting on any sites.

JuJu was found lying on the side of the road thought to be dead.  He was skeletal and so weak he could not stand on his own for almost 1 week.  He quickly put on some weight and tested for any medical issues and he got a clean bill of health, just starving.  He loves to eat and tries to hoard his snacks to save for later.

JuJu's best friend here is Jenny, a bigger white and tan Chihuahua, they wrestle, snuggle and play together very well.  They trust each other.