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ButKaily is in my home and although she is happy, I'm sure she would be happier to have her own family that she does not have to share the human attention with 6 other dogs,  She is being walked, given her head rubs while she follows me around.  Kaily looks to explore the house and was comfortable sharing a room with her tiny roommate, a 4 lb Maltese!  She is now in the main doggy room with 4 other dogs.  They have crates in there for each dog but the doors are left open, the bedroom has a iron gate in the door so they can see out and be heard.

 She has also made friends with the other fosters here and she is enjoying running and playing chase in the yard.  Sometimes her eyes look sad because I know she does not feel good but that wagging tail lets me know she is happy and wanting to share her love.  Kaily is a great, very calm, well behaved young lady and will make a great family pet.


Kaily gave birth to 8 puppies on November 17, 2015; 4 girls & 4 boys.  All have been adopted into wonderful homes.  To give testiment to Kaily's temperment, I have keep up with 6 of the families and their puppies, now 1.5 years old are all still very quiet and easy going pets.  2 of the dogs became therapy dogs for 2 different households with very little training.  Kaily appears to be a true Labrador Retriever.  Kaily had no microchip and I guess she ran away for a better life.

Kaily ate through her rope and tie-down from her home and ended up at one of my feeding stations very pregnant.  She gave birth to 9 puppies almost 1 week later.  Very smart girl, I guess Kaily decided she would not give birth while tied up.  

With the help of some other nice ladies, they made sure she was fed but she had squeezed her way behind a fence of an abandoned property and very afraid.  Kaily ended up being very happy to be rescued, loaded up and taken to a clean, safe home where she could receive love & attention.  

She had on a huge black collar and chain that she broke to escape her previous home.  That awful collar has been removed for a more stylist one.

As soon as she had her babies, the ladies notified me.  I climbed the fence and found her 2 day old babies laying filth, dirt, trash, it was very nice and they were covered already with fleas.  This may have been Kaily's first litter, she tried to hide them from the elements but she didn't do a very good job, they were completely exposed to the wind and rain.  1 little puppy didn't make it.  But the other 8 looked good.  

Kaily has a great personalities, she is very quiet, friendly with a mild demeanor and gets along with all humans and dogs. She enjoys going out for walks but not demanding of them and does not need them to calm or manage her behavior.  Kaily is actually a fat, happy girl and her coat looks so much better than when she was rescued.  Her entire litter of puppies were all very quiet, quiet when they played, ate, wrestled, they were just a very calm, chill bunch.  

Kaily does not get upset, nor is she destructive.  She will sleep in her crate but she is fine just sleeping on her doggy bed, she is not destructive.  She will play with toys but she would rather have some ear scratches, treats, chewbones and love from her human and cuddle besides you.  She is not a shadow dog, very independent but she keeps an eye on you to make sure you are still there.

Kaily is a Labrador Retriever mix with a bronzy brown coat with black going doing the middle.  Now that she knows she is safe and not chained up, she is the perfect little lady.  She requires very little maintenance and just wants to be loved.  She has 1 male playmate who she is fond of but she is in a home with a variety of foster brothers and sisters.

Some of these photos are when she was rescued and what she looks like now.  Please consider meeting Kaily and giving her a chance, she would really love to have her own home and family.

If you are interested in meeting Kaily, please email us and we can schedule a meet and greet at your convenience.

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