​​This 4 year old girl LOVES kids.  I have a 4 year old granddaughter who she adores.  My granddaughter is a little rough but Lettie does not mind.  Lettie sleeps with her and a great guard dog.  I believe she likes kids a lot more than she likes adults.  She prefers to hang out with kids more, I think because Lettie still plays like a puppy.

Lettie is a 89 pound Rottweiler and at 4 years old she has reached her adult weight & height.  This girl is such a great dog I would say she is the complete package.  She is extremely patient, calm, very chill, quiet and just goes with the flow.

She is also super trained, house trained, crate trained, and knows commands like “sit”, “down”, “off”, “shake”, “fetch” and “rollover”.  She does not bother any personal items, not destructive.  She loves toys, will bring a ball to you so you can throw & she'll fetch and bring it back, she loves to play.  Her joy is making you happy.

She does not get in the way, she will put herself in her crate for a nap or sometimes she chooses to stretch out on the cool tile.  Other times she wants to lounge on her fluffy comfortable bed inside her crate.

Walking with Lettie is a breeze, she does not pull or continuously stop to smell things, she walks right next to you and she will walk or run at any pace you set.  She is obedient in every area and she really just wants to please you and she wants to play.  She does steal toys from the other dogs if they have gone outside, she hoards them in her crate J

She even does well on car rides, she just sits there looking out the window, no upset tummy, no barking.  Actually Lettie only barks when it is necessary, when she wants to alert you to something or if she needs to go potty.  Most of the time she will just go sit by the door very patient and silent until you notice her, then she jumps up all happy and ready to go outside.

Lettie obviously decided she did not want to be in her previous home, she chewed threw her rope and found her way to another rescuers home.  Dogs were barking at her, circling her and Lettie never growled or made any attempt to attack.  If you visit my website you can see the huge black collar on her and the chewed rope.

I checked Lost & Found ads and posted her as Found but no one ever replied.  She was already spayed but no microchip.  I have had Lettie since November thinking her owners would surely be looking for her but they have not.

What I do not understand is why they chained her outside when her house manners are A+, there is no reason she should ever be kept outside and she doesn't like being outside except to potty and go for walks, she is a great inside dog.

Her only flaw is that she does not like to have her nails clipped so I take her to have them done.  She doesn’t mind having a bath, she enjoys the massage and then she gets a good nap afterwards.  Lettie is counter curious but like the good dog she is she will stop doing whatever you tell her.  She loves snacks but I try to keep all of the dogs out of the kitchen.​​

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