Momma LILLY has finally joined her babies and she could not be happier.  She was very excited to be reunited with them.  She wanted to be caught but she was a little afraid.

Fear No More!!!  She is following me around, giving me kisses, she evens kisses on demand, loves her head & belly rubs.

Obviously Lilly once had owners who discarded her like trash but believe me, Lilly is a treasure for sure.  Lilly is bouncing around, hopping and playing with her babies as if she (Lilly) is a puppy too.  

Lilly is very young and has a sweet demeanor, quiet.  She is calm, not bothered by the other foster dogs, not bothered by the rain, not bothered about anything.  But she is trying to catch up on all the love and attention she missed as she wandered the woods & streets of San Antonio as a stray.

Lilly would make  wonderful addition to any family who wants a sweet girl as a family member for life.