Meet the sweetest girl around, Lilly.  She is a 1 1/2 year old Labrador Retriever/German Shepherd/Black Mouth Cur mix beauty.  

She is a pretty girl but her soul is so pretty inside that she always makes me smile.  It was my pleasure to have rescued her.  You can read her full story & see more pictures by clicking on the puppy pictures labeled South Cross Puppies on the Available for Adoption page.

Anyway I rescued Lilly from the woods where she had given birth and hid all her puppies in a tree trunk. She was a great mother, despite being in very dense woods, the puppies did not have a spec of dirt on them, no fleas or ticks.

Lilly took about 2 days to warm up and then she decided that it looked like fun to be a dog in a home.  She loves to play with toys, she will bring them to you with a big smile on her face.  LIlly runs to run and play chase with my poodle Stella as well as a few of the other foster dogs.

She gets along with everyone, she has an extremely calm, laid back demeanor.  She never makes a fuss about anything, sometimes she wants to stay outside longer to play until she realizes everyone is coming back inside the house.

Lilly was just a puppy giving birth to puppies.  She has the energy of a puppy but she is far from being hyper.  She just likes to play and be happy.  She is quiet all the time, very gentle in her touch and her heart & soul.

Lilly would be a great addition to any family or a single person, she will be your best buddy.  

She looks at you with this pretty smile and a longing look of love on her face, she is eager to please and so thankful for being rescued.