This crazy little boy Logan is a special one for me.  His mother belonged to a family who could no longer care for them so I fed them and took care of them but they stayed with the family.  Then the family tired of them and didn't want them around anymore.

I got his mother spayed, his sister spayed and adopted into a wonderful home.  When we reached the clinic for his surgery Logan just lost it.  He was so afraid; the clinic asks me to bring him back at a later time.  Well that trip spooked Logan and he would not let me touch him ever again.  He ran to me when I showed up to feed him, he knew the sound of my car and he knew his name.

Since he was not neutered, he traveled the streets to get with any female in heat.  I'm sure Logan has several kids out there :)  One night Logan was experiencing some pleasure with one of his girlfriends (Ruby, also for adoption) when he was attacked by 2 vicious stray pit bulls who wanted Ruby for themselves.

Logan had his testicles pulled right out by those pit bulls.  So now Logan had no problem with me touching him and putting him in the car, he needed my help.  His surgery went well, just a normal neutering as it turned out.  He had some bite wounds on his legs but they healed well.

Unfortunately Logan has heartworms and will need to have the 2 day treatment at the vet's office to get rid of them.  After than Logan will be heartworm free and available for adoption.

We are trying to raise funds for his surgery $400.  Please consider donating towards his Heartworm treatment, no amount is too small we would very much appreciate it.  You can donate on our website or directly to Callaghan Road Animal Hospital to Roxy's K-9 Rescue/Logan's Heartworm Treatment. (210) 647-1101

And of course if you would like to adopt Logan once his treatment is complete, please email me.  Logan would love to have a home of his own so he can be spoiled even more.

Logan came into my home as if he had always lived here, he loves some love.  He is quiet, plays very well with my personal dogs and he LOVES his bed.  I just laugh at him and tell him, he could have been living inside the life of luxury 2 years ago if he hadn't decided against being fixed!!!!

I loved his entire family from the time I met them.  His mother was extremely sweet and calm and he is just like her.

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