Mega is my favorite, I just love this little girl.  I think because she is so chill, just a calm, sweet and gentle soul.  She weighs 46 pounds and just like the other dogs she should lose a few pounds once she gets in her new loving home and go for walks on a regular basis.  I have walked her and she is great on a leash, She is completely house and crate trained, takes treats from you gently.

She is very low maintenance and independent.  She does give you kisses when you ask for them but she is not the type of dog that will jump all over you begging for attention.  This is a special girl.

Even though Mega was rescued with Light, she is very close to Muneca, they are good friend.  Mega is very independent and she craves to have some human attention without the other dogs around.  Mega is kind and considerate, she will hang back if treats are being given out, she will let the other dogs go crazy and then she will slowly come to you for her treat. 

Mega was discovered by MIss Gloria and her daughter Vicki in a field by herself but she was too shy and skittish to come for food so Mega would wait until Miss Gloria had gotten in the car to come eat her food.  Miss Gloria went to feed her everyday and try to gain her trust.

Then one day Mega was not there, for 3 weeks Miss Gloria kept looking for her.

All of a sudden Mega showed up at another feeding station in a field with a pack of dogs, one of those dogs was LIght.  LIght has always been a very happy and friendly boy and he would run up for kisses and food and just to play..  One day Light said he was not staying in the fields any longer so he jumped in the van iuntent on being rescued that day and Mega followed him.,  The rest is history, they were both about 5 months old at the time.

When Mega reappeared her jaw was broken.

As you can see Mega has an extra large tooth extending from her mouth.  She was hit by a car as a puppy and had her jaw broken so that tooth will remain to hold her jaw in place and give her character.  But she does have 3 front teeth in the top that are causing her some pain by pressing down into her plalette when she eats.  I plan on having those teeth extracted before she is adopted.

If you do not have any plans on adopting Mega, would you please consider making a donation towards this medical bill?  Any amount is appreciated.  Thank You

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