We need your help -- Adopt us!!!

By clicking on each dogs picture you can see more pictures and read about their personality.  I will be updating the site often as things change and if any of the dogs are adopted.  Thank you.


I am pleased to introduce you to Miss Gloria Gutierrez.  She is 81 years old and I am proud to say that she is a great rescuer of strays dogs from the streets of San Antonio, Texas. She has been rescuing for years, taking any dog that needed help off the streets, getting their injuries fixed, having them spay/neutered and making sure they were up to date on their medical needs.  What is most amazing that she spent a lot of years helping a lot of improvised people who could no longer care for their dogs.

Now Miss Gloria needs the help of the community.  In November, 2016, right at Thanksgiving, she was diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer.  This horrible disease took control of her body awfully fast.  By Christmas she was in the hospital and had started Chemotherapy.  Unfortunately her small frail body could not handle the harsh drugs and she is no longer on Chemotherapy.  She is on a morphine drip to keep her comfortable along with some other medications needed to keep her organs functioning.

Miss Gloria's length of life will be cut very short by this stage 4 cancer, the doctors have said she is terminal and her status is day-by-day.  Her dogs are her lifeline and give her a purpose to keep fighting.

Miss Gloria needs your prayers and she needs your help.  

She owns 6 dogs, all rescued from the streets and they need to find loving homes so their life can continue in the manner the are use to  These dogs are all inside/house dogs and very well behaved.  Miss Gloria has given them much love but she has also disciplined and trained them very well that any of the dogs would be low maintenance pets in any home.  Even though all of the dog are medium to large sized dogs, they all get along with each other and very friendly when company comes over.

Miss Gloria's biggest regret is that she did not have the funds to fix Mega jaw, Bruno's back leg and get the expensive water, heat and physical therapy that Muneca needs to help her walk again,

Besides finding a home for each dog, the other needs are for dog food, bedding, snacks/treats, toys and medical care.  All of the dogs are healthy and most important Heatworm negative!!!  Yippee!!!!  

The dogs need flea/tick preventative and heartworm preventative.  They are up to date on their vaccinations but will need to see a veterinarian for routine check ups and blood-work to make sure they are all completely healthy before being adopted out into their new homes.  I have already started making appointments for the at Callaghan Road Animal Hospital.  This facility is the "go-to" clinic for most rescues, the veterinarians and the staff and so knowledgeable, friendly and helpful, giving each dog personal attention.

I would like to thank God's Dogs Rescue for getting the ball rolling on getting Miss Gloria's story out to the public.  This is a wonderful organization and they did an outstanding job.

Should you consider making a donation towards Miss Gloria's dogs you can make the donation via paypal.com, account # roxysrescue@yahoo.com.  You can also mail a check written to:  ROXXY'S K9 RESCUE, P.O. Box 762482, San Antonio, Texas, 78245.

Roxxy's K9 Rescue is 501c Non-profit so I am able to send you a tax deductible receipt for any donation you make

If you are interested in giving any of these dogs a loving home, just click on the little dog which will take you to an application, please email the application to roxysrescue@yahoo.com and I will reply to you promptly.

Thank you for your interest in her story and your kindness towards the dogs, Sincerely Jamesa Hil, Director/Founder of Roxxy's K9 Rescue.