This is the name given to this 1 1/2 year old female Husky by her foster mom.   Muneca was happy to be rescued from a condemned trailer park in San Antonio, TX 

It took her about 5 minutes to scoot over to us for food.  She was left behind by her owner after she was hit by a car and left with extensive injuries.  Of course the driver never stopped to help her and her owner did nothing to relieve her pain.

Muneca meaning "Doll" in Spanish is a very special girl.  She has become accustomed to the pain in her legs and that should not be a normal thing.   She is so grateful to be rescued, she never causes any problems for her foster mom and her foster brothers & sisters seem to realize Muneca needs special attention, they are gentle with her and never try to pick on her

She walks or hops or scoot but her legs remain in a squatting position as if she is pottying.  She will have rods placed in her legs and cast over for a month at the minimal to try to heal the bones.  The vets are optimistic that with surgery and physical therapy Muneca will be able to walk and run like a normal 4-legged dog.

 She is in constant pain but remains a sweet girl with no complaints.  Doll will need to have surgery to repair her hip, her tail bone and cast her legs.

When rescued she had a horrible case of mange, flea infestation which caused a bad skin infection.  As you can see her coat is growing back nicely and she no longer itches and experiences that discomfort.

An initial assessment has been made but we will keep everyone updated on her surgery date once the funds are raised, the procedure performed on her and her future outlook.

Once she has healed, Muneca will be looking for her forever home.

Please help donate to her recovery; she deserves a chance to be a normal dog.  Doll has really been a DOLL of a dog.