This is one of my favorite babies and he was truly a baby in need when I got him.  He was covered in ticks and barely 1 month old.  There are lots of pictures of Rockett on the website showing his growth.

Rockett never has a bad day, he is happy all the time, butt wagging, stealing toys, giving kisses.  This is a special boy.  Rockett is also a routine kind of guy.  He likes his crate in the very place I put it in the first place, his big lounging pillow in the living room next to the couch, he knows when it's bed time and dinner time, just routine.

This guy would make any family or single person so happy.  If you are a single person, please make sure to have time for him as he is truly a companion.  I kept Rockett here because he was a great playmate to one of my personal dogs and since he never made any trouble, I forgot I was supposed to adopt him out.  He does need a home of his own.  I cannot say enough about Rockett, he is the BEST!!!!!

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