This guy has my respect.  I pulled him from a high kill shelter in San Antonio, Texas.  He was very emaciated and had a rear leg with a bone sticking out and broken in several places.  Someone had abused him.  But Scooter was still happy and loved to be held and his sprits had not been broken.  He has been a trooper from day one, never making a sound even though he was in a lot of pain.

His leg was so bad; the vet considered amputation but decided to watch the bones heal.  And heal they did until he grew. Scooter now needs to have that back leg amputated before his adoption. His complete medical records and x-rays will come with him at the time of adoption.

Someone else named him early on but his name Scooter so deserves, he is a SCOOTER.  He only barks when he is talking to you.  He bounces around still like a puppy and just a very happy guy.  He gets along with everyone.

He runs and plays with his foster brothers and sisters and he is just a sweet dog.  Scooter is 1 years old now; I got him when he was 2 months old.  He weighs 47 pounds and has reached his adult height & weight. 

He has a beautiful black wavy coat and he does not shed.  His best friend is Bradley, a bigger white border collie who only has 3 legs.  Bradley was hit by a car but when he came to my house and Scooter was so small, Bradley treated Scooter as if he were his child.  He cleaned him, cuddled with him and just watched over him like a mother would.  It would be nice if they could go to a home together because Bradley is completely deaf and Scooter is his ears.  Bradley is extremely friendly, loves to play, chases the ball and gets along with everyone.  He loves his toys and belly rubs, Bradley is very gentle.  

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