Blue Boy is now GERONIMO.  He was top of a pile of clean linen & decided he would leap off as if he were a stunt actor or something.  Well he just climbed back up & jumped again!!  This is mom Lilly's look-a-like.  His coat is soft but short.

Geronimo is a typical boy, wrestles, chases the ball, he prefers balls over stuffed animals & he loves to play tug-of-war.  he hangs out with his brother & tries to follow Apple around.  Once I get him in my arms he is still a sweetie.

TWIN GIRLS, these 2 are my favorite.  They are very quiet & cuddliers.  Even though they look bigger & fat, it's all fluff!!  They are actually the smallest 2 of the litter.  Girl with the orange bow is my absolute favorite.  She loves to ride on my shoulder so she can see.  

Orange girl insist that I come pick her up when she has gone too far into the yard, a bit lazy!!! She doesn't whine, just sits & then lays down quietly looking pitiful until I go get her.  I lift her to my should for her ride & she rewards me with kisses :)

 She does play with her siblings and stuffed animals but Orange girl is a companion puppy for sure.

 Her sister, Yellow Girl is a bit more active and playful.  They do seem to always be together, true twins.  Yellow girl runs & bounces & plays with the others more, then joins her twin sister to just sit and watch the action.

Girl Red aka APPLE is the adventurer of the group.  She always takes off in different directions to see what is going on.  Apple also likes her privacy when she poops :)  She obediently comes when called, not a whiner or baby.   Apple has the playful energy of a puppy but not hyper, none of them are hyper.

Awwww, the other set of twins, girl green & boy purple.  What is you is what they are -- playful, active & funny.  They bounce & run at the same time, stumble, roll over, slide on the floor!!!  Both have black marks in the middle of their tails.  I have to lift them up to tell them apart.  Their favorite game is wrestling with each & Apple & Geronimo.  Girl Green is more courageous than her brother, he may run & hide with a strange noise but Sister Green will stay to see what is going on.

UPDATE!!  04/04/2016


The puppies are now 5.5 weeks old & growing into their own personalities, all different but adorable.