Please click on the picture of Momma Lilly to see more pictures of the rescue of Lilly & her puppies in the woods.  Thank you.


Aren't they adorable?  They really are!!!!  A funny bunch, they are bouncing around, running and rolling over each other, just having a good time playing with each other.

They are only 6 weeks old and developing their personalities but 1 trait they all share is that they are very smart and they know what they want.  And they will NOT have a poop accident in the house, they will whine/cry and run to the front door to go potty.   That is because their paws are used to touching grass to potty so my ceramic tile doesn't do it for -- but I love it, makes clean up and taking care of them easier for me.

A kind businessman called me very concerned about a stray dog he had been feeding that had given birth in the woods, very dense, deep wood.  I went over and trapped momma with some fried chicken!!!  She was very calm in the trap, she never panicked or tried to break out.

Once I did let her out she went into the woods to nurse her babies, she was very anxious to make sure they were okay.  I brought the 4 girls & 2 boys home with me but mama had her babies stashed in 2 places and she slipped her collar to go to the other puppies.  She is still with them and I will be walking through the woods again tomorrow (Wednesday, March 23) hoping the find the remaining litter.  ally like her. 

I took 2 of her babies to visit her yesterday, she came & licked them but kept running to the woods to check on her babies.

These puppies are available for adoption, they can be pre-adopted but they will not be ready to go to their new homes until after April 19.  Any potential adopters will need to complete any application, schedule a meet & greet to see which puppies would fit in with your family.  Once you pick a puppy, half of the adoption fee is required as a deposit and the remaining half of the adoption fee due at the time we finalize the adoption by bringing the puppy to your home.

Each puppy with be spay/neutered (fixed), microchipped, vaccinated with the required vaccines and depending on when they are adopted they will have a rabies shot if they are 4 months old.  The puppies will be wormed 3 times before going to their new home.

If you are interested in any of the puppies or want more information and an application, please email me at  

Their adoption fee will be $150.00

​UPDATES!!!  04/04/2016

Please click on the picture above to see the new pictures of the puppies and their personalities.  Puppies are 5.5 weeks old now.  I have only named 2 of them because those names just seem to fit.

You can see updated videos & more pictures of Lilly & puppies by clicking on the picture above.

Please click on puppies picture for adoption application