Low Rider was his birth name because of his appearance, short legs with body very low to the ground and he is a mixture of a few different things.  And boy does he have a story behind him.  Tyson and his 9 siblings were born in my home after I rescued his very pregnant mother, her very pregnant daughter and another daughter just 6 months old.  They had been dumped in a local park here in San Antonio, Texas.  It was freezing cold and raining outside.

His mother gave birth about 3 days after I got her and her daughter gave birth the very next week.  A different rescue took in the pregnant daughter and the 6 month old daughter.

All of the puppies came out very different but healthy and happy.  You know a female dog can become impregnated by up to 7 different males and surely this is what happened to Tyson's mother Paris.  Miss Paris really had a diverse group of babies!!!!

Tyson was adopted out by a family with kids and even though he was raised inside my home, they kept him outside.  He escaped his fence and got hit by a car. Sadly the car that hit him left him there until Animal Control Services (ACS) our city shelter picked him up very injured.  He lay all evening and night in a bed of ants that bite him all over.  That car really hit him hard.

Thank goodness for microchips, ACS notified me that they had one of my dogs.  When I went to pick up Tyson, I was shocked at his injuries.  I immediately took him to my vet and he spent a week there before coming home to heal even more.

Tyson endured several surgeries and he is back to being a normal dog.  He is happy, friendly and loving, also very obedient.  Tyson was not returned to his adoptive family because they were not able to pay the enormous vet fees for his surgeries and care.  So I am trying to find the right forever home for Tyson.

Tyson does run and jump, plays chase, wrestles and has no limitations.  His back leg is does not bend completely because he had a steel rod in place for longer than normal to help the bones heal to prevent amputation.

This is a dog with a very playful and sweet personality; he loves everyone and gets along with other dogs very well.

I have attached pictures of his injuries, his mother & litter mates and current pictures of Tyson.  I plan on posting a video of him soon so you can see him in action and know he has no limitations.  Most of all Tyson loves kids and some human attention.

He loves the camera; he weighs 37 pounds and a mixture of basset hound, beagle and who knows what else.

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