8 month old, 8.4 pound Terrier who is NOT a terror!!!  He is a really sweet and playful boy.  He likes to play with toys, plays chase the toy very well but he doesn't bring it back!  Even though he is a lap dog, he is not one of those dogs that kisses and licks you constantly.  Actually he does not kiss at all but I am working on that!!!  He is socialized but lacked getting any love from his first home.  He was actually adopted from San Antonio City shelter when he was 7 weeks old and I just happened to be in the right place at the right time when his owners threw him out of a car.  I contacted them repeated by they were not interested in having him back.

He is crate trained but he hates the crate.  I am working on his potty training, he does well at going to the back door but he doesn't make a sound to indicate he wants to go out so if you are not watching him, he will have an accident.  But we are working on that issue and by the time he is adopted I hope he is much better and will bark.  But if you notice him walking in circles, that means he needs to go out to potty.

Xavier also has personality, when you call me, he belly walks over to you or sometimes he will skip and hop over to you.  He is a lovebug and would be a great addition to your family

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